So Far


So Good.

Vientiane is more than I expected. As I walked around the city yesterday for the first time, all of my senses were saturated. ¬†Only a few blocks away from my apartment, I knew it was love. I’ve always felt happier in places with history and character. I love places with personality and a certain vibe I’ve never been able to explain. I actually loved Los Angeles when I lived there (and not the pretty parts). I loved the cracked and the old broken parts of L.A and the huge variety of nationalities. When my sister lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn I was able to explore her neighborhood a few times. It too overflowed with sights and sounds and smells that drew me in. To say Vientiane is like Brooklyn or L.A. is false, but it has something that speaks to me in the same way.

This new home is crazy and dirty but also charming and alive. I hope to be able to find better, less jet-lagged words to share it here in months to come.

For now, I’m happy. I have what I need and I’m reunited with my husband after a month apart. Getting here was hard work on many levels, but we made it.

Adventure is now.