The annual move is complete. As with the last four or five moves, I swear I’ll never do it again.

Except I will.

I won’t regale you with the tortuous days of packing up in Portland, driving one thousand miles, living in hotels for a week while looking at rentals, unloading our belongings into temporary storage when the search seemed futile, taking a few days out of town when the hotels filled and became unaffordable (welcome to fabulous Las Vegas), learning to do everything with crossed fingers, almost crying with relief when the approval call came through, loading our stuff back into a truck in 104 degree heat, unloading it all into our newest home (also in said heat) and collapsing exhausted at the end of it all full of hope that it would at least be a year until we do it all again.

Oops I regaled you.

You’ve been regaled.


P.S. I left out the broken garbage disposal and the rat I met yesterday. You’re welcome.


  1. It’s only a mini-regale…
    It’s a dry heat…

    I’m glad you are feeling more ‘settled-in’ (if not exactly’settled’). Soon the heat will subside a bit, the cooler air will fill the mountain canyons and call you to breathe it in, and you will exhale. And, with time, Thrive.

    P.S. Was the rat wearing a crumpled-brim hat, by any chance? 🙂


    • You got a LLOL for that one Grove:)

      I can’t wait for temperatures that won’t kill me if I’m outside for more than 10 minutes. I know it’s coming and I’ll be excited to share the desert world I slowly discover!

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