Zero to Sixty


I’ve been back in the states for a week. Already it feels like my expat life was lifetimes ago. My brain so easily slipped back into the ways of American life. Driving a car, grocery shopping, speaking English to strangers, going to manicured parks and exploring shops who’s wares are not necessities.

A few days from now I’ll be starting a part time job. A few weeks after that I’ll start a second part time job. Within a very short time my life has gone from zero to sixty. In Laos I spent hours alone and without much to do to pass the time. As I look at my schedule for August I worry I won’t have enough time. I like this problem.

The challenges I faced in the last five months in Laos have left me much stronger than I realized. Admittedly, a version of me years ago wouldn’t have embraced such massive life changes and challenges happening so quickly. I would have needed time to ease into each one. I would have dipped one toe in at a time. Slowly, I’d walk in up to my waist and when finally acclimated I would carefully go in over my head.

I’m cliff diving into this one.

Does this mean I don’t have anxiety and worry I’ll be a total mess? Not at all. I know that even when I’m a mess I can still succeed.  I’m remembering that not trying at all is the true failure in life.  Whatever happens, I want to know that I didn’t let fear hold me prisoner.


    • I’m temporarily going to call Portland home. My best friend lives there so while Rob finishes his time in Laos and then job hunts here in the states I will at least not be bored or alone:) Thank you for your constant support Kate ✨

  1. I am glad to learn of your new-found ‘problems’ of life in the homeland. Doubly happy to hear that you landed in my home town of Portland. If you can navigate all the hipsterism, it’s a great place to live. I’ll be there a couple times this summer –seeing family, going to a memorial, working a Parkinson’s event. (Before you get too busy, lose yourself for a day at Powell’s.) I remain firmly in your support-camp and I know you will continue to grow, shine and #Thrive.

  2. I’m not at all surprised. Your ALWAYS strong and ALWAYS enough, to rise to anything that stands in your way! It’s a beautiful thing to watch your life blossom…:)

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