Fight or Flight


This morning I sit gazing out over rooftops to the mountains. Today is our third morning in Luang Prabang. Our new home is a welcome change from Vientiane. I can see trees, mountains and sky! The rainy season is beginning, bringing with it cleaner air and bluer skies.

The apartment we rented for our first month is comfortable and has the view pictured above. Stunning.

We hoped for quiet. I believed I’d escaped most of the city noise.  This morning a wedding party began it’s set-up right outside our front door. It will soon be tents and tables and chairs covering the entire street. I’m in a panic. Why? Because these parties last for days and are accompanied by the loudest possible music.

So, even though we’ve only been here for a few days, we changed our Friday tickets to today and will escape to Bangkok.  It may sound extreme, but trust me you would do the same thing. The noise level and length of the Laos wedding is bad enough that the minute I saw them setting up outside the window, I started shaking with adrenaline.

Fight or flight? I choose flight.

Our apartment will wait for our return and I’ll still have my sanity (somewhat) intact.




  1. Love the view….great shot. But, totally agree with departure concept. When I worked in India, and with a Pakistani neighbor here, these long, loud Asian weddings are really something else. Say hello for me to Bangkok! Love it there!

  2. Oh Kate you clearly understand! I feel like until you’ve experienced the volume and scope of these weddings, my reaction would seem extreme. I hate to sound like a complainer but oh my goodness gracious it’s unbearable. These Asian weddings ARE something else! You nailed it.

  3. Rachael, your blogs are so interesting, you’re a great writer. I love to hear about different cultures, especially from someone I know and love. How long will you be gone from your new apt? I agree, I would get away from all of the noise too.
    We are moving to Yakima, Nikki and Burke are talking about starting a family. When will you guys be coming back to the states? Do you miss it? Are you loving living there? It sounds so primitive and a hard way of life. Did you hear that Cassie’s husband, Todd passed away from cancer?
    Would love to hear from you and will be reading your blogs.
    I love you guys and I know that Rob misses me. 🙂

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