Moving and Shaking


Moving used to sound like torture to me. When I was a little girl I held fast to the idea that we would never move from the house I grew up in. Once I was older, I was sure I’d find my own home and stay in it forever. The thought of uprooting everything and taking it to a new place was overwhelming. I was highly attached to things and places and parting with any of it was much too sad to think about.

My first move away from my original home was to Seattle. After a few years of rain, we (yes Rob and I were an item even then) packed it all up and made the long move down to San Diego. Southern California remained my home but to the tune of about four or five different locations requiring even more moves.

When I said goodbye to California, we really scaled down our belongings for a move over the ocean to Oahu. We moved from Oahu to Montana and from Montana to Laos. There were interims and temporary living situations in between many of those larger moves.

Clearly the little girl in me had to get over moving and let go of attachments.

Now it’s time for another move, albeit a small one. This weekend Rob and I will pack up our suitcases and head to our next home in Luang Prabang.  It’s about a seven hour drive and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this country I call home. Vientiane isn’t exactly a jewel in the crown of Laos. I’m a bit worn out from the noise and the lack of nature. The city mouse in me is over it.

Luang Prabang beckons with it’s quieter setting, cleaner streets and greener surroundings. The country mouse in me will enjoy this UNESCO world heritage site for a while until it’s once again time to pull anchor.

I’ve never been to Luang Prabang. I realized this morning that the last few moves I’ve made have been to places I’ve never set foot in.  Somewhere along the way, I let go of the need to make absolutely sure everything will work out. Nothing is ever how I think it’ll be anyway. Expectations are the leading cause of major disappointments (I’m talking to you Oahu).

I do have one expectation. I expect I’ll still be just me (actually).

That saying “wherever you go, there you are” is annoying because it’s the absolute truth. Every time I move I harbor a little hope I can turn over new leaves while leaving behind the inner demons.  Once I arrive and the newness wears off, I find I’m still exactly who I was  and who I will clearly always be. Each move is another lesson in learning to accept this.

Into the great wide open….(again).


    • Luang Prabang is an option as a pilot base and the company is actually happy to have us move up there. It should make the schedule one that allows Rob to be home more than he has been in Vientiane. The noise and the lack of nature has finally gotten to both of us here and we think a move will help. There are trade-offs of course, but the advantages to moving won out in the end:)

  1. Wow, that’s a good blog post. Being your mother, I feel through your words. Remembering how I watched all the changes happening to that little girl I knew hated “Change”!
    I LOVE how “changes” push us, prod us, kick us into blossoming or wilting. The beauty for us that embrace change, is the reward of seeing life through rose colored glasses. Only seeing the beauty it has to offer us.
    I’m like a butterfly that only wishes to keep exploring, moving, changing with excitement at whatever, good or bad that may be lurking around the next corner because, that’s where I feel more alive and am ALWAYS guaranteed growth…
    The new birth of each “Change” will have it’s painful moments at first but they always seem less and less painful, when I accept and allow, not placing judgment or, labeling! Ive learned through life to, welcome whatever may come my way, as a gift. Knowing that MY PERCEPTION of that moment, I.can blossom ir wilt, it’s ALWAYS my choice! 🙂 you know my old saying, “The less you expect, The less disappointed you’ll be”…;)
    I’m excited about this new move that is filling your pages with LIFE!!!!! You’ve been so BLESSED. You’re that reality show, most people are wasting away watching while hardly leaving the house. Wishing they could have that second chance, to live LIFE how Rachel does on, Just me actually…:)

  2. We really enjoyed Luang Prabang. The UNESCO area is lovely. Lots of great restaurants and cafes. Outside the 4 block heritage area is dirtier and poorer. Definitely make your way out to Pizza Phan Luang. The pizza there is so good.

    • Thankfully my husband has spent a lot of time here already too so I was at least a little prepared. The main area is magical and our apartment is out in the poorer area but still cleaner than Vientiane by a long shot!

  3. Rachael… amaze me with your writing abilities… have such a talent! I was on you tube yesterday watching a road trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang…..feeling very invious of your travelings……I agree fully that for those of us who don’t have your life, we are pulled in to yours!

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