Pi Mai Prison


The Loas Pi Mai/Songkran New Year’s Celebration was last week…

Day One:

Oh look at those adorable little kids tossing water. That may be the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen! The backpackers sure are enjoying themselves. I had no idea so many water guns existed. I hear some loud music but at least it’s low key and sounds like local singers enjoying their celebration. It might be fun to go join in, but not on my own and unarmed. I don’t mind a day indoors.

Day Two:

Wow this is early for techno music. I haven’t even had my coffee yet. Maybe it’s just a vehicle sound system that will move along soon. Good grief that traffic looks like it’s barely moving! I never imagined I’d see kiddie pools set up in truck beds. Are those people just spraying with hoses? Sigh, that bass feels louder but I think I’m hearing two different sound systems.  Holy crap I may go insane. I’d go out but everything is closed and I don’t feel like getting soaked now. The only way I can block the thumping beat is to play my own music louder in my headphones. I may never sleep.

Day Three:

Okay this will be the last day and it can’t be nearly as bad as yesterday. The backpackers still aren’t tired of the mayhem. Looks like I wouldn’t make it three steps outside before being half drowned. There’s the music again.  But seriously aren’t they a little tired of this yet? I mean, how much fun can it be after a couple hours of non stop water wars? Time to buy some new music to distract myself.  I’m pretty sure these Bose earbuds my little sister gave me are the best gift I’ve ever received.  There’s no way I’m going outside. Where’s a good power outage when you need it? Every sound system in  Vientiane is turned up to eleven.

Day Four:

You’ve got to be kidding me. Three days wasn’t enough? Don’t they realize there’s a water shortage in the world? Haven’t they turned all pruney yet from being wet all day long? Oh look… there goes my last shred of sanity.

(The two purchased albums that helped me wade through the mind numbing beats from outside were M83: Junk and Christine and the Queen.) 



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