Such a Pansy


It’s been two weeks since Rob left for Laos. I knew this time apart would be taxing, but today it feels endless. I’m a hermit by nature. Rob calls me his “lone wolf” and I have to say I find that a very fitting description.

I prefer solitude. My alone time is when I recharge and refill the emotional tanks. I like a quiet life of simple things.

Even a hermit gets lonely. Two weeks totally on my own has me feeling admittedly sad today. As I looked for some inspiration to forge ahead, I remembered the little Pansy that grew outside our front door last Fall. This little guy held his head up even when the leaves fell. Snow came and even when that first white blanket melted he rose up strong. I was blown away every day to see my little Pansy friend holding out against the bitter weather.

I used to think Pansies were fragile little things, like the butterflies of the flower world. Now I know that to be called a Pansy is a sign of courage and strength.

Today I am going to be such a Pansy.

(Photo is the actual little Pansy I admired so much)(I miss him)


  1. “…There’s pansies, that’s for thoughts” …

    A well constructed, tender, thoughtful entry, once again. You’ve changed the way I think of pansies, that’s for certain. I sense that the serenity and strength that you gather in Nature nourishes and strengthens you more than is readily apparent. Spring is over the horizon, waiting.

    Warm and supportive wishes to you… you PANSY! 🙂

  2. I feel ya girl! When Dave is in a trip days feel like an eternity. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    Miss you
    (Maybe go jewelry shopping-lol)

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