Destination Laos


“Isn’t that next to China?” my dad asked when I told him I was moving to Laos.  Clearly not thrilled with his middle child moving halfway across the world, he followed up with a few more questions meant to scare me out of going.

The thing is, I am scared. Of course I am.

“Aren’t you afraid of ending up in a bad situation like Oahu? What if you’re stuck in a place you hate?” was one of dad’s next questions. My answer came without a pause. “Yes, I’m very afraid of that, but I refuse to let my past control my future.”

After that phone call with my oh so loving and oh so worried dad, I realized I truly meant every word. I don’t ever want to give up on my dreams because of fear. I’ve wanted live and travel overseas for so long and now I get to! Should I have told my husband to stop looking at international jobs because we hated living in Oahu?

We live. We learn. We grow and we keep going.

I don’t ever want to settle for a life of ease and complacency as my dreams pass me by.

Laos is not going to be easy, but it is going to be a life changer.



  1. I am very curious to see what your impressions will be. Laos doesn’t sound easy as you said but if you are very open minded I believe you will like it 😀 Dare!

  2. You’ll have a great time in Laos! And if it helps alleviate any fears, Laos is a very safe country with very friendly and helpful people.

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