Whiteout Blues


I love you winter. I do. Well, I did. I enjoyed the cold as it fell over the mountains and blanketed the town with snow. November felt magical and December even more so. The soft crunch of snow under my boots, the tingle of red cheeks, the smell of a frozen quiet world….

Okay but today? Today I miss color. So here’s to looking forward to colors and warmth and flowers. Here’s to not totally biffing it on the sidewalk while trying to brush snow off of my car ever again.

(Spell check refuses to recognize the word “biffing”. It’s a word! Get a 90’s dictionary already.)



  1. I hear you. We’ve had a very mild winter, but it finally arrived last week. Icy, snow-covered roads this morning, and I have a job interview in 2 1/2 hours. At least I drive a Subaru and it’s in the garage, so no uncovering for me.

    Looking forward to hearing more updates from you!

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